Read through a list of frequently asked questions about the project. If you have a question that is not answered below, please reach out through the contact us page.

824 Sheppard Avenue West: 2-storey commercial plaza, 7 residential rental units, surface parking

177 Cocksfield Avenue: 2-storey commercial plaza, 7 residential rental units, surface parking

179-181 Cocksfield Avenue: single detached residential home

We are proposing a 14-storey purpose built rental building, including 20% affordable units, 14 rental replacement units, retail spaces, and a daycare facility.

The collection of properties presents an opportunity to provide much needed rental and affordable housing for the Bathurst Manor neighbourhood, while taking the opportunity to provide improvements to how people experience the site.

All tenants who currently live onsite in the purpose-built rental units will have the opportunity to return to the new development. We have, and will continue to work with tenants throughout this process to ensure they understand their rights and how the rental replacement process works. The City of Toronto has a very comprehensive rental replacement process that Almega will follow and support

Rental buildings that are built today have evolved from their dated reputation. They now offer many of the same amenities and services as condominiums. This proposed development would bring a new type of rental living with high-quality and long-lasting finishes as well as modern and new amenities, for future tenants’ use and enjoyment. The defining difference is not in the built form, but the tenure. A rental building is owned and managed by one company, in this case Almega, whereas a condominium is owned by individual unit owners.

On October 13, 2020 Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment and Rental Housing Demolition applications were submitted to the City of Toronto. We are still early in the process. The City of Toronto will be consulting with community members regarding the application.  In addition, we encourage community members to submit their questions and feedback through this website to be a part of the review process. Submit your question and/or feedback here.

We are early in the process. No changes will be made to the site for a couple of years. At this stage, we have submitted Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, and Rental Housing Demolition applications to the City of Toronto for their review.

The City of Toronto has a very comprehensive review process for these applications, which will take about 18-24 months before a decision is made. Following that there are other approvals required before construction could start. Depending on the final built form, the proposal could take anywhere from 3-4 years to construct.

Almega is the developer submitting this proposal. We will also be the owner and operator of the future building, if approved. Almega is an asset manager predicated on equality, trust, respect, and compassion. Our value system guides our business, and we strive to achieve affordability, accessibility, and energy efficiency with our development projects.